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Stand out in the voice economy with a unique voice that can be used for any application and on any platform or device.

Below are some of the common applications used by ReadSpeaker customers to advance their voice technology strategy.

Conversational IVR

ReadSpeaker’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology allows you to revolutionize your company’s IVR system with conversational IVR applications.

Revolutionize your company’s IVR
Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is immediate. It’s immersive. And it’s a natural way to buy. Voice platforms allow brands to describe their products in the fundamental human mode of expression— speech—without the intervention of screens.

Join the voice economy
Guidance & Navigation

Learn how you can apply ReadSpeaker’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology into your company’s voice guidance application or navigation system.

Converse with lifelike clarity
Smart Home Controls

Smart home devices that users control with voice must respond with voice. But whose voice will your devices use—one associated with a ubiquitous tech juggernaut or your own brand’s distinct, engaging, and proprietary voice?

Power the IoT
Virtual Assistant Persona

Learn how you can apply ReadSpeaker’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology into your company’s virtual assistant

Distinguish your conversational AI
Experiential Marketing

Digital voice channels are ideal for experiential marketing, whether you’re bringing a brand mascot to life in augmented reality (AR) or simply sharing recipes through your Alexa Skill. Drive brand engagement with interactive voice.

Engage Audiences with Voice

Text to speech (TTS) belongs in your game-development toolbox. Use it to prototype scenes with instant voice audio files, to produce in-game dialogue without costly recording sessions, or to power accessibility features.

Enhance your gaming universe

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