10 Best Text-To-Speech Online Tools (For Free!)

10 Best Text-To-Speech Online Tools (For Free!)

While the best enterprise text-to-speech (TTS) online tools aren’t free, it isn’t always necessary for end users to pay for AI-generated voices. Maybe you just want quick-and-dirty speech generation for a personal project. Maybe you’d like a synthetic voiceover for a home video, or to hear a paragraph or two of your favorite blog. For these uses, free, browser-based solutions, like the ones listed below, may be just the ticket. (If you represent a business that needs something a little more sophisticated—like lifelike branded voices, natural speech for apps and devices, or other professional TTS services—check out ReadSpeaker. We work with organizations of all sizes on a wide variety of use cases.)

1. Text To Speech

For a free TTS converter, Text To Speech has a lot of features. There’s no character limit on text. It speaks more than 40 languages, with one to four distinct voices per language. Users can adjust playback by volume, speed, and pitch. The only downside is that the associated text-to-mp3 converter is limited to just 100 characters.

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2. NaturalReader

NaturalReader’s free, in-browser TTS service is best on the list for accessibility. You can toggle on a font that’s easier for readers with dyslexia to follow, and text is adjustable by size. Free voices are limited to one per each of the seven available languages; premium content adds a menu of more natural voices, along with an additional language, Swedish. Users are limited to 20 minutes of Premium voices per day, but free options are unlimited. Playback and downloadable mp3s are both available.

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Does your site need professional TTS services to meet accessibility goals? Find out with our free guide to web content accessibility.

3. Free TTS

Transform text blocks of up to 5,000 characters into speech mp3s with Free TTS. The free version is limited to just 6,000 characters per week, with more available for a fee. Voice quality is more natural than average for a free service, and users can pick between 13 speakers in English. More than 25 languages are available, although most are limited to between one and four voices each.

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4. Text-To-Speech Tool

This TTS provider sources voices from established services: Amazon’s Polly and Microsoft TTS. This allows it to offer better quality output in a stripped-down tool. Text-To-Speech Tool supports 18 languages, with varying numbers of voices for each. In English, there are 16 from Amazon and 12 from Microsoft. Controls include volume, rate, and pitch. Downloadable mp3s are available.

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5. TTS Reader

This free text-to-speech reader features simple controls and reads plaintext, PDF, and epub uploads, in addition to a standard text field. More than 40 languages are available, although most only get a single voice. The outstanding feature of TTS Reader is that it saves its progress through a text block; users can close the browser, come back later, and pick up where they left off.

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6. Naturaltts

Naturaltts requires users to make an account, even for the free plan. Once you sign up, however, it offers a simple, intuitive dashboard that saves up to 10 recordings at a time. Premium plans provide more storage. Only five languages are available, with just three British English voices, four U.S. English voices, and two or three each for French, Italian, Castilian Spanish, and German. This service supports both onsite playback and mp3 downloads.

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7. iSpeech

The free version of iSpeech provides over 20 languages and a male and female voice for each. Voices are a bit stilted and robotic, which is common to most free TTS applications. The online playback engine features three speeds: slow, regular, and fast. Users must download the software for advanced features, most of which are locked behind paid plans.

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8. Text To Mp3

The voices on this free TTS converter are more machine-like than others on this list, but the site occupies a unique niche. There’s no pre-conversion playback; you have to generate an mp3 to hear a block of text, and there’s a 300-word limit per use. But an integrated menu of background music adds a little fun. Text To Mp3 speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish, with a few voice options for each.

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No one will mistake the voices for a human speaker, but TTSMP3 processes text quickly and offers both onsite playback and mp3 downloads. It supports about 20 languages, plus four English accents: U.S., British, Indian, and Australian. Text is limited to 3,000 characters at a time. There are no playback controls other than Read.

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10. Text 2 Speech

Text 2 Speech is another barebones TTS converter. Choose from six voices in English, German, and Spanish. Controls are limited to speed: Two grades quicker than baseline, and two slower. Text capacity is just 4,000 characters. While the processing is on the slow side, this service does allow you to download an mp3 or WAV file on completion.

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Text-To-Speech Online Tools From ReadSpeaker

If you’re looking for the best text-to-speech online tool available, you probably won’t find it on a list of free websites. Many of these sites prohibit commercial use—and that includes monetized YouTube videos. When your business needs AI-powered synthetic speech that sounds like the real thing, it’s time to upgrade.

ReadSpeaker’s speech production solutions operate on the cloud or on your server. They generate natural, lifelike voices—including custom branded voices—by harnessing neural networks to mirror human expression. ReadSpeaker provides synthetic speech for websites, apps, voice user interfaces, public announcement systems, IVR, and more. Browse our case studies to find out how companies are already benefiting from these best-in-class text-to-speech services.

ReadSpeaker’s speechMaker TTS production packages support more than 50 languages, with 200 voices and growing—each of which can be customized by speed, pitch, and even word-by-word pronunciation. To experience ReadSpeaker yourself, try our demo tool here.

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