Custom Text To Speech (TTS) For Your Business

Custom Text To Speech (TTS) For Your Business

Voice technology has entered the mainstream. More consumers own smart speakers every year, and voice assistants are responding to more voice commands than ever. The question for brands is: Whose voice is representing you? Too often, Alexa speaks for everyone, flattening the distinctions between competitors. As voice technology continues to disrupt everything from digital marketing to customer service, brands have a growing need for custom voices that provide a consistent experience across voice channels.

Are you ready to stand out in a voice-first digital environment? If you’re not sure, custom text-to-speech (TTS) solutions from ReadSpeaker can help. Our team of linguists, computer scientists, and voice specialists use machine learning to construct custom branded voices that sound like the real thing, including emotive expression. The result is a unique, engaging, and recognizable TTS voice that precisely represents your brand in the growing voice economy.

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Voice is the core of new media branding, and new media requires a new approach. Traditional audio solutions aren’t flexible enough to keep up with the proliferation of voice user experiences. You can still hire a voice actor, schedule repeated recording sessions, and live with inconsistencies (even actors will admit their voices change subtly from one recording session to the next, or even within the span of a single day at the microphone!). Or, if quality isn’t a concern, you could try free, off-the-shelf TTS online tools. But the better option is to work with ReadSpeaker to develop a lifelike custom TTS voice that’s endlessly scalable and extendable. Digital TTS voices provide consistency across channels and across time, and they’re key to distinguishing brands in an increasingly crowded voice marketplace.

ReadSpeaker For Custom TTS Voice Generation

ReadSpeaker isn’t just a service provider. We’re also a research organization on the forefront of AI computing and digital language generation. Founded in 1999, at the dawn of commercial TTS adoption, ReadSpeaker has been developing machine speech solutions for decades. Our resources aren’t widely available; many of them can only be found with ReadSpeaker. These voice-development assets include:

  • The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab. ReadSpeaker employs an international team of linguists, computer scientists, and speech researchers in our VoiceLab. In between working with brands to develop custom lifelike TTS voices, these experts publish their research as they continue to push the boundaries of natural language generation and other intersections of AI and TTS. When we say we’re “pioneering voice technology,” we’re picturing the day-to-day work of our researchers. But VoiceLab scientists also work directly with our clients to understand their needs, which they meet through targeted application of the science.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence. ReadSpeaker’s proprietary deep neural networks (DNN) don’t just reproduce broken down units of speech; they learn to speak like we do, by listening and training. Our proprietary speech-generation engines match syllable combinations with human inflections taken from real speech. The end result is a much more lifelike, nuanced digital voice that engages naturally with your audience’s social instincts.
  • Industry-leading voice data. We’ve been in the TTS field for more than 20 years, collecting voice samples the whole time. That’s allowed us to build an extensive library of voices and speaking styles. This huge dataset allows us to train our models to become increasingly indistinguishable from a human speaker. As in all deep machine learning, the quality of training data translates directly into the quality of the finished product—and ReadSpeaker’s data leads the industry.
  • Branding expertise. If you want to express distinct brand qualities in a digitally constructed voice, it helps to start with a theory of branding. ReadSpeaker’s customer engagement team identifies brand traits according to Jennifer Aaker’s theory of the Five Core Dimensions of Brand Personality. We translate those traits into distinct elements of your brand’s voice: demography, culture, language, speaking style, emotional inflection, lexicon, terminology, and more.
  • Prosody transfer technology. Listeners recognize two broad elements of spoken language. One is the character, or timbre, of the voice. The other is prosody, the details of speech performance, variables that distinguish one speaker from the next. With prosody transfer technology, ReadSpeaker can take an existing voice and give it the prosody of another speaker: Mickey Mouse delivering lines like Laurence Olivier, for example. This technique means you don’t necessarily need to find an ideal voice actor and run a recording session. If you have a TTS voice you already like, we can modify it to match new applications.

While you can choose from our industry-leading library of pre-made digital voices (there are more than 90 of them, and the list is always growing), established brands benefit most from a bespoke solution. We’ll work with you to identify your brand traits and match those traits to measurable audio markers in your custom branded digital voice. We’ll help you make your own text-to-speech voice, creating a unique differentiator for audio applications.

Marketers describe engagement between brands and their audiences as a conversation, and so it is—but today, that conversation is literal, it is spoken, and its medium is the voice. Trust ReadSpeaker to provide the custom text-to-speech you need to stand out in this new media landscape.

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