ReadSpeaker Expands Neural TTS Voice Portfolio

The ReadSpeaker neural text-to-speech (TTS) voice line-up keeps growing to cater for the needs of clients and end users around the globe. We’re delighted to introduce the latest additions to our family of world-class AI-powered voices.

Meet Yasmin, our brand-new neural TTS voice for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) pronunciation. MSA is the common broadcasting standard across the Arab world. Click to hear Yasmin introducing herself.

And here’s Priya, our neural TTS voice for Indian English. Click here to listen to Priya introducing herself.

Moreover, Lykke, ReadSpeaker’s female voice for Norwegian (Bokmål), and Veerle, our female Flemish TTS voice – are now also available as neural text-to-speech voices. You can hear Lykke here, and Veerle here.

ReadSpeaker clients and end users find our neural TTS voice personas warm and confident, clear, and trustworthy. They are suitable for use in any context – including accessibility, conversational AI, education, entertainment, media, and public announcements, among others.

The ReadSpeaker Neural TTS Engine is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN), which generates superior-quality speech using DNN-trained models. Our neural TTS voices can be customized for our customers’ unique needs and created in a fraction of the time required by legacy offerings.

You can put Yasmin, Priya, Lykke, Veerle, or any other of our voices to the test in our voice demo here.

If you’d like to speech enable your applications with ReadSpeaker’s neural TTS voices, please contact our team of TTS experts.


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