Published on March 28, 2021 in eBook by Nate Murray

e-Book: The Next Phase of Digital Voice – Use Cases for Innovation Across Industries

Today’s brands are constantly seeking novel ways to reach a broader audience. In a world of saturated channels and overexposed consumers, voice technology is a powerful and innovative way for companies to reach customers and stand apart from the competition.

Voice Technology: Today’s Innovation, Tomorrow’s Expectation

Not only can voice technology help brands break through the noise today, but voice-enabled capabilities are increasingly expected from customers. One in four U.S. adults own a smart speaker, and 56% of those users say it is important that their speaker considers their interests and preferences when responding to questions or commands. If brands don’t invest in voice technology now, they will be playing catchup as the market moves swiftly along.  

Using voice technology, companies have the opportunity to build personalized, convenient and seamless experiences that their customers won’t forget. They just need a few ingredients.

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